Phillip Booth Photography | First impressions of Nomad Bouldering Gym, Sydney
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First impressions of Nomad Bouldering Gym, Sydney

When 9 Degrees bouldering gym opened in Alexandria they dropped loads of hints and teasers in the lead-up to its opening slowly building hype across social media and it worked an absolute charm.


Nomad Bouldering Gym has done none of that. I first heard about it via whispers at the crag of a ‘new gym’ in Camperdown (turns out it’s Annandale) with little to no info about what it was going to be like.


The mystery generated copious intrigue amongst Sydney climbers and last week we were finally appeased when a social media presence appeared with an enticing 3D rendering of the gyms layout and a proclamation that it would be ‘the largest bouldering gym in the southern hemisphere’.


Opened to the public on Tuesday 28 February these are my initial impressions:


  • It’s big! Not as big as I had envisioned with the tag ‘biggest in the southern hemisphere’ but none-the-less it is big. It might be that the problems were set quite thin – hopefully once it’s been up and running for a while they will pack more problems into the available space.


  • Top-outs! That’s right, Sydney finally has a gym where you can top out problems. Just like outdoors you can practice your mantles and get the full sense of accomplishment by standing on top like a king.


  • It’s great to see a local gym with a systems wall. With a crack-of-dawn opening time of 6:30am I can see Nomad being a potential option for the serious trainers out there that have been dreaming for somewhere to get a pre-work session in. Add a campus board and weights and that’s everything you need for a quick solo training session.


  • Tron vibes. With glowing strips across the Walltopia walls and a steady flow of electronic dance music Nomad has a futuristic feel to it – a unique vibe compared to 9 Degrees and Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym.


  • Ping-Pong, Coffee, Sushi. It seems a pre-requisite these days that any Sydney establishment must have coffee on offer and Nomad is no different. On top of that they have a hidden nook with table tennis and sushi available at the counter.


  • Parking is limited. The car park out the front provided maybe 10 spots. Most visitors had to find on street parking in the classically tight Inner West side street.


It’s early stages so it will be interesting to see how Nomad fairs in a market that has exploded over the last ten years from a Niche hobby for a relatively small community to what it has become today. It’s great to see so much passion in the Sydney climbing scene and the addition of another world-class facility.


I’m a lover of sport climbing so don’t see Nomad becoming my regular over Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym in St Peters but I can definitely recommend a visit for the unique experience on offer.


Single entry is $20 for an adult or $18 for concession and I believe membership packages will be available also.


Nomad Bouldering Gym

Sydney now as a bouldering gym with topouts!


Nomad Bouldering Gym

The biggest bouldering gym in the Southern Hemisphere


Nomad Bouldering Gym

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