Phillip Booth Photography | Film Review: The Lappnor Project
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Film Review: The Lappnor Project

Focused on a single boulder problem The Lappnor Project is an introspective journey into the human spirit.


Portrayed in a somewhat brooding monologue the film explores the determination and obsession that consumed Nalle Hukkataival in his quest to send the first 9A boulder problem in the world.


Running at just over 30 minutes in length I found the film to be surprisingly powerful. Restrained both visually and audibly it leaves the viewer to focus solely on Nalle’s voice as he sifts through his thoughts and feelings.


Sitting down to view for the first time I was expecting to see more interviews with other boulderers such as Daniel Woods, Jimmy Webb and Dave Graham (whom all commented on the project as it was unfolding in real time) with the film taking the more typical format such as the pieces found in Reel Rock.


Instead, and perhaps unintentionally, it raises questions about the fine line at which obsession becomes all too consuming. This particular story results in a happy ending with Nalle completing his three-year mission, but when the project became bigger then climbing what would the impact be if he were unable to fulfill this self prescribed purpose?


What do you think? Where do you draw the line between healthy obsession and poisonous obsession?


All said and done I found it an intriguing piece on a pivotal moment in the progression of bouldering. With limited climbing documentaries being released at any one moment it’s well worth the $12.39.


The Lappnor Project is available for download and stream from vimeo – more info via


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